“Custom Marine Transport is solely owned and operated by Eric Shiebler.  With a span of over 25 years experience in both the Marine and Trucking industries, and a resume which includes service in both the US Navy and USCG Merchant Marines, Eric is highly qualified to satisfy your marine logistic needs.”

“Where many other trucking companies have many trucks and drivers moving all over the country, looking to fill loads at every turn, Eric comes to you with a different approach.  Personalized and professional logistics management for your boat(s).  If you are a “snowbird”, yacht captain, fisherman, racer or new boat buyer, then this type of service may be just what you are looking for.  In other words, it’s not only about the move, it’s about the customer’s experience.”

“Specializing in powerboats from 25′-38′, Custom Marine can oversee your entire logistic project.  From running your boat from the Yacht Club or your backyard lift to a qualified hauling or service facility, to over the road transporting, to dockside delivery.  We know what your time is worth, and every moment on the water is precious, so we take the work and worry out of the equation.  Of course, that means we plan to meet scheduling expectations to a “T”, so ongoing communication is standard operating procedure.”